18th of March, 1923
Mathrubhumi newspaper appeared for the first time. It was conceived as a paper published thrice in a week (Tuesday, Thursday andSaturday).

21st of October, 1924
The slogan Truth Equality Freedom was first published on the masthead.

6th of April, 1930
Mathrubhumi became a Daily. It was the day when Mahatma Gandhi defied the Salt Law and walked from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi, Gujarat, for Salt Satyagraha.

18th of January, 1932
Mathrubhumi Illustrated Weekly was in print for the first time. The cover page was that of Mahatma Gandhi. 

13th of January, 1934
Mahatma Gandhi visited the Mathrubhumi office at Kozhikode.

28th December, 1955
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited the Mathrubhumi office at Kozhikode.

25th May, 1962.
Second edition started from Kochi.  

1st July, 1979
Grihalakshmi published for the first time. 

24th of November, 1980
Third edition started from Thiruvananthapuram with offset press colour photo facilities. 

11th of April, 1982
Chitrabhumi was in print for the first time.

16th of July, 1992
Fourth edition started from Thrissur.

18th of July, 1992
Thozilvartha published for the first time. 

13th of May, 1993
Fifth edition from Kannur started.

15th of June, 1994
Mathrubhumi Sports Masika was in print for the very first time.

14th May 1995
Sixth edition from Kottayam.

1st of May, 1996
Balabhumi printed for the first time.

19th of February, 1997
Arogya Masika published for the first time.

5th of September, 1997
The online edition launched.

8th October, 2000
Seventh edition from Malappuram.

1st of December, 2000
Eight edition started from Kollam.

19th February, 2002
Ninth edition of the paper started from Mumbai.

18th of April, 2002
Tenth edition from Chennai.

22nd of June, 2002
Eleventh edition started from Bangalore.

22nd August, 2004
Twelfth edition from Palakkad.

12th of February, 2007
Thirteenth edition started from New Delhi.

30th of May, 2010
Fourteenth edition started from Alappuzha.

17th of November 2010
Minnaminni children's magazine started

23rd of November 2010
Cartoon plus magazine started.

1st of January, 2011
Mathrubhumi Yearbook plus English released

19th of October 2011
New printing plant inaugured in Thiruvananthapuram

23th of January, 2013
Mathrubhumi News channel started.

23th of February 2013
Kappa channel started.

18th of March 2013
15th edition started from Dubai

10th of April 2013
Mathrubhumi Star and Style magazine released

2nd of September 2013
Mathrubhumi Dubai office inauguration at media city.

6th of September 2013
New printing press at Manjummal for Kochi edition.

8th of September 2013
Mathrubhumi news web channel video on demand service

1st of November 2013
Mathrubhumi daily adopts new Insight technology

1st of November 2013
Grihalakshmi started publishing as fortnightly

4th of Janury 2014
Hon. Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh inaugurates Navathi Celeberations (90th Anniversary) at Kochi.

8th of March 2014
The renovated Book stall building at Kozhikode (Opposite Corporation Stadium) and Airconditioned auditorium - K P Kesavamenon hall was inaugurated.